HOPE SPRINGS! a Sunday Service for 2-24-2008: A new feature

The Sunday Service

Here, in the Midwest, I am making this pod cast in the middle of February. It has been cold and icy all week, and when you work out-of-doors as I do, it gets old quickly; Especially as I get older.
But in my quiet times, my mind looks forward to the spring, and with spring come thoughts of our Easter Celebration. The songs of praise and worship and southern gospel Music stir my mind to those thoughts, and what a difference salvation has caused in MY life. Even now, as cold and dark as the days are, I know I can look forward to warmth and sunshine not too far off in the future.
What a WONDERFUL correlation: His love- on the cross and in my soul, has stripped away the darkness and cold and replaced it with warmth and sunshine. Yes, I am human, and all too often I might allow that old cold feeling to return, but the Christ who saved ME is always right there when I am once again defeated from trying to fight my own battles. I look up from whatever pit I am in, and he’s right there, so close that it all the more emphasizes the futility of trying to win my own wars. If I trust in Him, he is faithful to forgive me of my sins and cleanse me from all unrighteousness, and once again, a sweet and beautiful relationship is restored.
Did you catch that? A common misconception is to think that God somehow cannot accept us because we may have stumbled or fallen. Yet that is EXACTLY WHY we need him. Were we able to save ourselves, or to somehow be on a par with God, we would have no NEED for salvation, and certainly no idea of what sovereignty, or LORDSHIP, really means.
That would lead to utter chaos, each man trying to be lord of his own world, wouldn’t it? No one respecting another, every man out for himself? Wait… Isn’t that what the world looks like more and more every day? Who could be behind such a plan, so as to create this mindset, but the very one the bible points to; the one cast from glory due to his OWN attempt at equality with God to the point of waging war in heaven… Satan thought he could WIN in heaven, and now he tries to win here on earth.
We need to hold fast to the one who made us; who has laid down his only son, that being the Christ, as a pathway to bring our wayward souls back to him.
Jesus said, “come to me, all who are weary laden. And I will give you rest.” Let me tell you, those are mighty comforting words after a long, hard, cold day.

At least, to ME, they are…

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