A Quick Look Back: Gospel Music Roundup

Hamilton Road Quartet and Bluegrass Gospel ProjectHamilton Road Quartet, Bluegrass Gospel Project, Blessed assurance Ministries cap off this older episode: Good stuff here, worth listening to several times over!
More music with a mission! Join me, Tom Whiteman, as we visit MORE groups and singers who are out there singing the message of Christ!


Featuring six of the Northeast’s premiere bluegrass, country, and folk musicians, the Bluegrass Gospel Project emphasizes bluegrass songs infused with gospel lyrics. Steeped in the tradition of this powerful and unique strain of Appalachian music, the BGP crafts both classic and original gospel-inspired songs with impeccable instrumentation and sublime vocal harmonies.

Each member of the band brings decades of performance experience to the stage. The trading of lead singers and diversity of styles reveals a variety of band configurations in each performance, delivered with a relaxed and expert ease and powered by a palpable affinity of the band members for each other and the music.
Peter Nielsen
Old Meeting House Arts Ministries
1620 Center Road
Montpelier, VT 05602
TEL: 802-223-9831

Hamilton Road

is a part time music ministry based in Columbus, Ohio. We are dedicated to spreading the Gospel message through song and fellowship. They have been singing for two years and have enjoyed every moment of worship and fellowship. We took our name from the place where God chose to have us meet and begin our ministry. They began as a group of guys who would sing now and again at their church, located on Hamilton Road. Soon, they had put together a substantial amount of music and people began to request that they come to their church. God touched them with a desire to minister, and found that by sharing their gift with churches, The CHURCH would share their gifts of love and prayer with all of us.
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