Saddle Up Your Horses for the Gospel Trail!

They are ready for the show….  How about YOU?Get ready to ride, because this show is downright MOVIN’!

From the western stylings of Belinda Gail to the tight Harmonies of the Missourians, it’s non-stop rejoicing in the KING!

The MISSOURIANS started singing in November, 1988. Charlie (Burnett) and Jareld (Burnside) had been singing many years with the Calvarymen, and Richard (Crow) along with Bob Durham had sung together for many years with the Regents.
All that’s left of the originals is Bob Durham, but some worthy artists have come to step up and fill the void left by their predecessors… Stephen Gilmore, Tenor, in MAY 2004; Tim Gould, Lead, in November 2004; Doug Luton, the group’s BARITONE, joined in march 2005, and David Markley in August 2005. You can read more on EACH of these singers in their BIOs by logging on to, and you may even learn some REAL INTERESTING FACTS…. like which one of these guys lost control of a GO KART on the University of Arkansas Quad~!
The Missourians sing across Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma and Arkansas,( locally known as the four state area) Bringing the Gospel in Song to churches and community events. They are heard regularly on a weekly 2-hour radio program hosted by Bob Durham, “Make Mine Southern,” heard on KKOW, 860 AM, Pittsburg, KS . the PROGRAM features several regional groups, as well as old and new music from national gospel recording artists. The Missourians have appeared on a local television Gospel Music program “Southern Singing” as well, and have recorded 10 albums and 2 videos since their formation. They have currently released
a new CD, “Coming Soon,” which speaks to our Lord’s return. Known far and wide, for their tight harmonies and joyous spirit, I am proud to introduce to YOU, my Gospel Music Roundup listeners and Fans, THE MISSOURIANS!
Also in this edition, music from The Old School Bluegrass Band, Belinda Gail, Wes and Marilyn Tuttle, and MORE
JR & The Redneck Band:

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