Singer-Songwriter, Mary Alice Vanderwaters, ready to bless your socks off!


If you were to take Emmy Lou Harris, Reba, Alison Krauss, The Judds, and mix in a healthy dose of the Holy Spirit, you’d find yourself face to face with Mary Alice Vanderwaters, My SPOTLIGHT ARTIST for this edition of Gospel Music Roundup . I found myself right IN that spot, this past week, as I was listening to new music on SONGRAMP, a site that features singers, songwriters, and their new work~ You ought to check it out, sometime!
Mary Alice Vanderwaters, is a singer, songwriter and performer who calls Louisiana her earthly home.A small town girl born into a very large family, she was the youngest child of 13 children.Her mother played the harmonica; her big brother would play the guitar, and at the young age of 7, she used to beg him to let her play his guitar. He didn’t take her seriously, until she went & made her own guitar out of a scrap of wood and some rubber bands.
Only then did he see her determination, and taught her Her first song to play, a song by “The Carter Family” entitled, “The Wild Wood Flower”. She’s been picking and grinning ever since.

As a teenager she joined her first Bluegrass band as the lead singer and toured for years with some of the biggest talent in the business. Those experiences taught her a wealth of knowledge that she still uses today in her country band.

During that time she also started writing and developing a passion for songs that are meaningful, with positive messages. Her writing continues to convey those same qualities.

She is a member of BMI and the Nashville Songwriting Assoociation International.

Mary shared with me the story behind her song, “It’s Just So Beautiful Here” via email: She writes, “This song was inspired by a true story. One night I was watching The Weather Channel and “Storm Stories” had featured a family that had lost their two daughters in a freak tornado in the state of Maryland. The two girls had went to the college where their dad worked and he told them as soon as they walked in, “Hurry on home, there was a storm coming.” Well, when they got back into the car, the tornado hit and they were both killed. The dad never considered the storm would be producing a tornado because basically, tornados are unheard of in the state of Maryland . Their mother was at home at the time and before anyone had a chance to tell her that her daughters had passed, she heard the voice of one of them say, ” Mom, It’s Just So Beautiful Here.” Well, needless to say, I was quiet affected by their story. I wrote the song and after the demo was finished, I made it my mission to get a copy of the song to the parents. They sent me the nicest thank you card that read, “We were very touched by the song you wrote about our Colleen’s first impression of Heaven.” That card means the world to me and it’s something I will treasure the rest of my life.”

The goosebumps you get from a story like that are the same kind of Goosebumps you get when the spirit touches your heart through Mary Alice Vanderwaters and her songs…she wrote to me in another email these words: “I still remember the day that I wrote these songs and feeling the glory of God’s presents around me as He gave me the words to say, and the beautiful melodies came as easy as if I had played them a million times already.
I want to say that I know that my talent is a GIFT from God, a gift that I can’t thank Him enough for.”

There are several ways to see and learn more about Mary Alice Vanderwaters! Check out her original music page at SONGRAMP:
Or contact her through her MySpace Page,

Thank you, Mary Alice, for sharing with us here, on this edition of Gospel Music Roundup! Your songs ministered to me and so many others, and I pray they continue to do so!

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