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I have watched these two men for a couple of years now, and have even in that short time span seen enormous steps taken in their music. I personally invite you to listen in and see what they are up to NOW!

Charlie Resseguie and Tom Graham are cousins who live

in the beautiful and peaceful rolling hills of central upstate New York.
The two of them have been collaborating for about 35 yrs together.
Cousin Tom writes country ,because as he puts it, “… in life stuff
happens”, and Cousin Charlie, well, he writes both country and
southern gospel. Adding. “I write country , and gospel because God has changed my
life” .
They do a lot of co- writing with folks all over the Northern Hemisphere,
and list some real talented friends.
If you would like to get in touch with us:
phone:607 336 2280 or countrycousinsmusic@yahoo.com
much of their music is posted at:


Country Cousins Music:

Faith Becomes Sight
Your Love on the Cross
Melt Me
Glory All The Way
He Is

A Circle of Friends:
Come Follow Me

Dave Berland:

Belinda Gail:

Vic Zarley:

All My Dreams

Joan Moore:
When saints and Sinners Shall Part

John Eric Anderson:

Today Might Be The Day

Just Over Yonder Bluegrass Gospel Band:
When We Meet to Part No More

Your Song

Deav Farmer:
Jesus Loves Us

wil Maring:
Land of Beulah

Martin Adams:
The Old Man

Benge Family:

I Believe

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