Easter Praise and Celebration: Gospel Music Roundup

Welcome to the Easter Sunday edition of Gospel Music Roundup!

This is a day, a time, for contemplation and celebration. Thinking about the sin that we may have mired ourselves in and celebrating that risen savior, being Jesus Christ, going the distance for US and laying down his life that we might have our relationship with the father forever bridged by His sacrifice!

My good friend and talented musician, Dave Berland sent me a little note this week, and it was one of those notes that you just stop and reread over a few times because of how profound it is. He wrote,

“Christ died on a cross made of wood – He made the hill on which it stood.- thats an amazing thought – why? because of the depth of His love..


Now, that may have been written elsewhere; I don’t know. But I DO know that it was one of those sayings that kinda slaps you upside the head like you see those folks on those V-8 commercials do and makes you realize the magnitude of this salvation we have been given.
You won’t be hearing a lot out of ME today on this edition, because the songs lay out the message FOR you. Listen, learn, and let God work in you thru that message.
On this day, Easter Sunday, Millions celebrate a risen savior! Imagine what wondrous work can be done for HIM were we to carry that celebration to the streets, day in and day out, with the same determination of saving souls as Christ had on that day, marching up to Calvary’s mountain.

On this Easter Edition of Gospel Music Roundup

Dave Berland
The Burneys
Golden State Quartet
Dan Adkins
Still Waters
Blessed Assurance
Dale Harper
Grandpa’s Neighbors
The Crownsmen
Country Cousins Music
John “Legs” Lawrenzi
The Missourians

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2 thoughts on “Easter Praise and Celebration: Gospel Music Roundup

  1. THis has to be one of your best podcast to date – wonderful – great music selection and theme

    Loved every moment of it

    Praise God for our risen Savior