Gospel Music Roundup: Showcase Artist, DAVE BERLAND!

Hymns of the faith… Where have they gone?
Well, if you were to check out Dave Berland’s home studio, you’d see them all over the place!
Not that he is personally hiding them, but that he has taken upon himself the task of revisiting those classics and giving them a musical form of “Extreme Makeover”! And to date, this writer has seen and heard over 30 of them, and each one is a joy for the ears! More than this, should you chance upon the privilege of talking to Dave Berland, One on One, you’d never suspect what he’s been up to~ the man has a heart of Ministry for Christ Jesus ALONE!
You see, I had heard Dave’s songs prior to these projects, and was deservedly pleased with his work. But one evening, as I was researching “Hymns”, His name popped up. It would seem that Mr. Berland had been quite busy while I wasn’t looking, and had a huge head start on his “Hymns I” project.
The correspondence that followed has led us to a wonderful friendship in Christ. Dave is one of the kindest, most unassuming yet talented men I know, and his diversity of style surprizes me at every turn. His conversational style is as calm and relaxed as you can hope for, yet the man is driven for the music that uplifts our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
I would like to someday call Dave my best friend, but I do believe that title is taken up by his Wife. Or his horse; He wasn’t very clear on that. Seriously, tho, this man is VERY clear and open about his love for his Wife, his daughters, his LORD, and of course, that Horse, and I for one am impressed on how he handles so many marvelous facets to his life with clarity of purpose the way he does!
God is going to do some great things with this man, and he already has begun, as is evidenced by the unprecedented rate at which he is rolling out these new versions of the Hymns!
When asked who Dave’s influences are, in life, he answered:

“My deepest longing, and hence my influence, is to be an imitator of Christ. That being said, looking back, I can see my strongest influence was my Dad – a great man of God, who loved all kinds of music and had a passion for the classics.- I miss him so…. Taken home , much to early an age. I only pray that I am half the man he was.

“My Mom: My number one fan,. my prayer warrior. She is not afraid to tell me when something stinks.
“My Wife: She is my light and guide

“My Children: There are my hope and joy. May the Christ I sing about be shown to you through me.

“My Pastor – Don: Many songs have come from thoughts he has placed in my heart.

“My long time friend Jim – a.k.a. little fish: When I was down in the deepest pit of depression where all seemed lost. I looked up, and there He was, holding out his hand to pick me up.. There is no greater friendship than one built on Christ love.

Dave’s music, on and off the web, doesn’t stop with just the Hymns, either. He is a songwriter, as well, having composed many songs that he and his family join together in presenting to the body!`

Dave’s love for singing and guitar came ’way back in his high school days: He and his long time friend and dear brother in Christ, Jim, would jam for hours together in his basement. As time went on, he began to give concerts as well as singing with tape backgrounds. andwould do those wherever He could, singing at many different churches and events.

Married life changed some of his travels, and soon, they settled down. He says, “My family band and I have lead worship at our Church together for the past 20 years. My gift from God is, as I lead worship, to look across the stage and see our family, working together in the building up of the Body of Christ.”

This life is my prayer for YOU.


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UPDATE: since the release of this episode, Dave Berland has released a fabulous wonderful song and video for Mothers’ day, entitled, “Mama at the Door”!

Check it out, HERE: http://members.soundclick.com/share/57572

3 thoughts on “Gospel Music Roundup: Showcase Artist, DAVE BERLAND!

  1. Tom
    Thankyou so much for the honor to share some of these great Hymns that talk about the Great love of God in each one of ours lives. My prayer is that God will use this ministry along with the many others here on G.M.R. to bring Glory and praise back to God

    Ya gotta LOVE it! – Ya Gotta Love Gods Grace

  2. That’s my Uncle! Way to go UD =D I’m proud of you, too. Stay so close to Christ – and keep writing. Some of my favorite songs, now, are ones you wrote. No joke. Love ya!

  3. I sure do love the old hymns!!! thank you for doing them. This is a great site! Tom, you have a great voice and I love listening to you. The people featured on here are so very good.
    Dave, I love you and you are a blessing! May God bless you as you continue on doing God’s work. I love what you are doing. I can’t get enough. It sounds GREAT!! Your sister, Kathy