Gospel Music Roundup: In Spite Of The Storms

You know, every so often the world and its pressures just gets TEEJUS (tedious,in Ozark-eze), Don‘t it?? I mean,

the clock keeps on ticking and the roof just keeps leaking;

The Grass Keeps Growin and the Mower ain’t mowin’At least Bluegrass is the grass that never needs Mowing!

and all these things are gettin in your way, right?

Well, that’s just how low I have been,

’til the other day, my good friend

Said it like nobody else can say;

He said, WHAT ARE YA DOIN’ MOWING When you need to get growing

and be doin’ the work GOD set out for you?

You need to be producing, ‘cuz there’s so many here who do sing

that God has a plan worked out for you to do!

I had every excuse in the book lined up on how I deserved to be floatin’ out in my own little pity pool, and how all the stars in the sky and the demons on earth had lined up against me; But the truth of it is, that every time I would open up my eyes and look PAST my selfish little midsection, I saw a hungry hurting world out there who not ONLY needed Jesus, but needed the love and compassion of HIS PEOPLE, and they needed it NOW!

Tornadoes, floods, disease and other hardships were hitting VERY NEAR and close to home, and quite frankly my spirit said, loud and clear that compared to these folk my problems were NOTHING… and in just that way, Christ took my heart and turned it all around. I got out of the sittin’ pit and set out to fix what needed fixin’ so I could get back to the work of the master.

No sooner had the dust settled, I started pickin’ out songs for this episode of Gospel Music Roundup, and this little song came up that made me about double over with laughter and tears all at once, and I just KNEW I had to share it with you ALL, right here on THIS EDITION of Gospel Music Roundup…

I would also like to extend a special thanks

to my friends and supporters of this podcast:

You mean more to me than you will ever know.

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  1. If this Pod Cast can’t get you going – then your blesser just ain’t Blessing