The Sunday Service: End of the Line!

Welcome to this week’s sunday service!

Yes, I know, it may not be sunday wherever you may be,

but it will be soon enough!

This service is open and available 24/7,

except during the occasional Tornado warning or Ice Storm!

God has truly blessed us with an awesome sanctuary that’s as big as all of outdoors!

No limits here, you can even bring your pets or enjoy a meal in the process!

Our praise team is assembled from some of the most talented and missions-minded artists you’ve ever had the good fortune to hear, and they are here to lift up the name of

Jesus Christ, son of God, and to let His praise ring out to the world!

My name is Tom Whiteman, the Deacon, here.

Our Praise team today:

Pure Heart: Blessed Assurance

Chosen Few: Come Sit At His Feet Again

Dave Berland: At The Cross

Canaan’s Road: Make Me Your Servant

Rich Pirone: Carry Your Love

Next week there’ll be different ones, so be sure to pay attention and thank em for being here! I mean, Ya GOTTA LOVE IT!

Thank you for joining us on this SUNDAY SERVICE. I pray the Lord has blessed you with it to the point of always worshipping him and His Holiness,

And remember: Take the Name of Jesus With you!

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