Gospel Music Roundup, Western Style!

There’s just something about a Cowboy. The image comes to mind of riding the trails in the old west, pushing cattle across the Grand Fork, or lounging on the boardwalk in a sleepy western town.
Most of us think of days gone by, when we think of cowboys. Yet real, honest-to-goodness hardworking cowboys are alive, well, and working even today.
While their name may conjure up images of wide-open spaces and unlimited freedom, the American Cowboy at the CrossCowboy still managed to get trapped in his own heart, searching for something that he couldn’t put a finger on. That something was there for him all the time; It just took someone ELSE to introduce him to it.
Jesus wandered out into the desert to begin his preparation for ministering unto his Father. During the course of his ministry, He, much like the Cowboy, roamed the trails and plains of His time.
Here, we salute the Cowboy who has found Christ and keeps Him in their heart. They come in all shapes, sizes, and even clothing, but in their heart, they Love Christ and want to go wherever He sends them to serve only Him.
Join us as we celebrate the Spirit that guides these Christian Cowboys, on Gospel Music Roundup!

In this edition:

Belinda Gail
Curly Musgrave
Lee Andrew Bray
Lory Bianco
Barkley Family
Dave Berland
Chosen Few
Jeff Knight
Finlay Duke
Bobby Gilles
Buddy Durett
Dan Adkins
Dotson Family quartet
Grandpa’s Neighbor

And of course, so much more!

One thought on “Gospel Music Roundup, Western Style!

  1. Yippee Ki Yeay
    Whoo Hoo!! what a wonderful Pod Cast
    foot tappin – praise arising – good old gospel music
    Thanks Tom, as always a wonderful job – you passion for Christ and for this great music shines through.