Gospel Music Roundup Lets Freedom Ring!

A blessed and honorable Fourth of July celebration to you all!

I hope you are able to incorporate this episode into your weekend, and in a smallChrist Set Us Free! way, minister to those around you with the music!

The political air of the day may seem unstable, and looking to the future makes you feel a tad unsure, but the only way to see where you are going is to take a clear look at where we have been!

The Word of God is our roadmap, and to follow it’s direction, we need to pay close attention to the signposts God has placed there for us along the way.

A few of those responsible for the FIREWORKS in this episode:

Dave Berland, with 2 songs!

Roy Harris

Martin Adams

The Burneys

Dan Adkins

David James


Rick Brady

Kathy Wedvick

The Crownsmen

Still Waters

70 x 7

Canaan’s Road

A Circle of Friends

“Legs” Lawrenzi

Also, thanks to these fine gentlemen for their great quotes:

– George Washington

–Thomas Jefferson

– Benjamin Franklin

– Patrick Henry

– Abraham Lincoln

– Andrew Johnson

– Franklin Roosevelt

– Ronald Reagan

And above all else, Thanks Be To God, for the opportunity he has granted me to be in the shelter of his wings and the forgiveness he gives me through the blood of Jesus Christ! To Him be the Glory, Forever!!!

For an extra blessing, Visit THIS SITE AND VIEW THE VIDEO!

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