Technical Difficulties


10 Days now I have been fighting technical difficulties at GMR. My mixer board took a lightening hit, apparently, and ceased to operate, As far as I know, the mic still works, but I have been in the process of trying to locate a suitable replacement.

PRAISE GOD, a suitable one is on its way, thanks to the giving spirit of a dear friend, and to Christ, for being so alive and indwelling in this man’s heart.Jesus Is The Lighthouse

So much is coming, with the new mixer! I have a new update for you on the Missourians, and several great new songs from artists like Dave Berland (of course!) and Lory Bianco, among others. Quite a few new names who share the pages of the Lamb’s book of life will be singing for you too!

In the meantime, I encourage you to revisit this earlier episode of Gospel Music Roundup, “In Spite Of The Storms”, and don’t forget to vist the many artists listed to the left of this page, Many of whom have many songs you can listen to on their pages. When you do, I’d appreciate it if you let them know you heard about them right HERE on Gospel Music Roundup!

In Service of the King


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