Gospel Music Roundup, Western Style, part II!

Due to popular demand, for the maiden voyage of my NEW MIXER board (received by the wonderful grace of JESUS) I am hosting a follow-up to the last Western Music Roundup several weeks ago!

As I have told you all, the previous mixer seems to have taken a lightening zap, and the need for a new mixer had me counting pennies and praying.

God met the need, thru a marvelous man of God and supporter of this ministry. Now I not only have a new board, but a better board than I have had before! Praise the lord!Four horsemen in the sky...

Saddle up and join me on the trail that may be narrow, but leads to everlasting life in Christ!

THIS is the great adventure!

In this edition:

The Palouse Cowboy Poets

Buck The BIG MAN

Belinda Gail

Curly Musgrave

Dale Mackay

Dave Berland

Canaan’s Road

The Missourians

Country Cousins Music

Wil Maring

Chris Fyfe

John Eric Andrson

Lory Bianco

Mark Steven Smith

Chosen Few

And as always, so much more!

2 thoughts on “Gospel Music Roundup, Western Style, part II!

  1. Just wanted to thank you for all you do. Performing music and sharing God’s given gifts are what it’s all about. I am so blessed to have these opportunities, and equally so, having friends and supporters such as yourself, and your listeners. Thank you all so much, and God Bless you all.