Sunday Service: A Prayer for Larissa

Larissa Cantrell is 17 years of age.  She has always been a good kid, and she is the granddaughter of proud grandparents that are neighbors of my parents in Red Bluff CA.
Larissa goes to High School there in Red Bluff. Her family thought her symptoms were just “teenage stuff:, you know?    …The lethargy, aches and pains, weight loss (they thought it could be anorexia, although unlikely), that sort of thing.  When she could no longer get up on her own and go to school, Her family wound up taking her to tthe emergency room.   She was immediately airlifted down to  UC Davis, a teaching hospital with great facilities. At last word, She is there now. She and the family earnestly desire your prayers, so let’s lift them up!
Larissa has been diagnosed with large cell lymphoma. She is currently going into surgery, for a spinal tap and they plan some bone marrow (work) too. Her lymph nodes have swollen so big that her kidneys are no longer functioning.
Thre is no known cure for this, exceot for our God who can do anything! We just gotta keep asking!

The praise team:  Chosen Few, Anne Erhardt & Dave Raymer, The Missourians, Still Waters, WigTunes, The Burneys, Lottie collier and Mark Cable!

2 thoughts on “Sunday Service: A Prayer for Larissa

  1. Tom – This was a beautiful thing you did with your mother’s prayer request. I join with you and all those praying for God to take good care of Larissa and to comfort her family. Sincerely, Gerrie Stults

  2. Thank you so much!
    Truth be told, I had another service all planned out, but the spirit kept tugging at me to get this out. I pray people are moved to pray with us all!