Gospel Music Roundup: Christ breaks through the storms

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Is not Christ awesome?
Through it all, he is there.
The Path Of The Son
© Dave Berland / Thomas Whiteman

Author: Dave Berland / Thomas Whiteman

(I heard )many a tale
and a story or two
about a vessel that was bigger than life
with Sails of spun gold
And a Wake white as snow
Cutting thru the sea like a knife
Her captain, He was
A strong and passionate man
Holding her steady and true
With an eye thru the night The Path Of The Son!
Like a bright guiding light
This voyage was his mission to do

There was a serpent ahead
Who left a trail of the dead
pirating the souls of mankind
The seas had turned red
From the blood that it shed
And the wreckage it had left behind
From the depths he arose
Bringing darkness to those
Whose vessels had strayed from their course
Man alone could not fight
Ol’ Leviathan’s might,
Feeding on the sin and remorse

Oh, Our captain he knew
That his time was now due
To redeem what the serpent had done
There were souls to be saved,
And sin’s debt to be paid
The battle was his to be won
The redemption of man
Was placed in his hands
It required a blood sacrifice
With purpose and prayer,
He found satan’s lair
And gave up his life as the price

The serpent grabbed hold
Of our captain so bold
And nailed him to the ship’s mast
As He sank that ship down
He watched our captain drown
He was certain that he’d breathed his last
For three days he stayed
at that watery grave
To be certain that the deed was done
But on that third day
Our Captain did raise
With the power of “The Path Of The Son!”

Dave and I worked together on this song….  but it could not have happened without the force of the spirit being there banding us together in Him!

As time has passed, I began to see the deeper meanings behind this song and behind this ministry.  I see the wonders of Friends joining across the lands…  and the waters,   In this episode, Lottie Collier sings her song, I Know The Water Walker…  a great testimony about the relationship with our savior;  a man who could not only calm the sea with a wave of his hand or a soft rebuke, but could walk upon it at the same moment.

I thank those of you who took upon themselves the ministry of Christ, and reach out to those in need, lifting them up in prayer and support as they attempt to walk upon the water as well.

Pray for me as well…  I started a new Job this week, and am having to load up my old brain with a ton of new facts I am having to memorize!

Love and blessings


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