Gospel Music Roundup: The Singers, Songwriters and Servants!

This episode of Gospel Music Roundup is a special one, to me.

The Singers you hear also wrote the songs.  Yet every one of them will tell you that GOD gives the song, and not man. 

The sounds are awesome, and each of these artists have a very special place in my heart.  I have been honored to meet them and to share their music, while getting to know them better in the process.

Some of the singers have been used of God to bring me to tears;  Some have brought my joy to new heights.  ALL of them have in one way or another brought me to my knees in the wondrous glory of Christ, and I hope they do the same for you.

Originally, I thought one show was going to be able to cover about all of them, but boy, was I wrong!  You can look forward to this special episode being continued shortly, since there are many more Singer/songwriters yet to be shared beyond this episode.

Please, take the time to write them share with them the feelings that God has shared with you through their music, and encourage them to continue to minister in Jesus’ Name!

Thank YOU, too, for being a part of that which makes my heart GLAD, the worship and praise for a Holy God in the embodiment of Christ Jesus, and His wonderful work on the cross!

Dave Berland

Lottie Collier

Jim “Curly” Musgrave

Michelle Cupit

Mary Alice Vanderwaters

Mark Steven Smith

The Son Set Refuge (Still Waters)

And so much more, with more to come!

One thought on “Gospel Music Roundup: The Singers, Songwriters and Servants!

  1. I am sure I speck for all the others that are on this Pod Cast when I say – Thank you Tom for the honor to be used by God to give Him praise and for allowing you to share the gifts through GMR. Thank you for you passion and heart Tom