Gospel Music Roundup: The Signature Quartet!

Primarily, this episode was brought about to introduce you to the Signature Quartet, from Carthage, Missouri.  A dedicated and passionate group of talented singers with a heart for ministering in song wherever the Lord leads them.  I have met and enjoyed these guys, and hope you will be as excited about their music as I was.

You see, when I was listening to their songs for this podcast, something happened.  I know, you are thinking to yourself, “Tom, that ALWAYS happens to you”.  But this time is certainly one for the books.

Often I will be putting together the songs for this show, and the Lord kind of “Takes over”, putting everything in the place it needs to go-  a most awesome experience, to be sure.  But this time, it was so much MORE than that!  I truly FELT the ministering of the Holy Spirit in my heart throughout this cast.

So much has happened recently, and most of it has kept me away from the microphone.  Satan was craftily using his darts and distractions.  But when I started to record this evening, I felt God working on my heart, tuning it up and speaking to the hurts that it was hanging on to.

I didn’t just record, this time;  As I say within the show, I FELLOWSHIPPED!  Sweet communion as God worked in me through the words of the songs.

My prayer, is it does the same for you!  Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Gospel Music Roundup: The Signature Quartet!

  1. In the middle of the show right now, Tom. Just writing a note to say thanks for the great gospel music from the Signature Quartet. Thanks also for keeping the message moving on the web, in the world and in the hearts of the GMR listeners. Pray God keep on blessing you and yours, Tom. You are a gem.
    Your friend,

  2. Tom,

    Good show this week my friend! The band from your area sounds fantastic!

    Thanks for the shoutout on the show as well, I really appreciate your friendship man, you have been there so many times when I needed an ear.

    Love ya-
    Transparent Christian Magazine