Gospel Music Roundup: The Season Opener!

What an awesome and amazing God we have, and furthermore an amazing SON he sent here to be our deliverance on earth!

I have had several personal struggles of late, so for those of you who kept the torch of the Gospel Light burning in my absence, I praise God for you!  As some of you know, financial and physical hardships tried to wedge between me and this wonderful outlet of praise, and yet God has stood faithful, even though I was lacking.

Even now, as I went through all the great songs I have at my disposal, it wasn’t until I started putting them together for this ‘cast that I realized how dark and lacking the world outside of Life in Christ is!

There are stations abounding that are playing “Christmas” or “Holiday” music, and more than one locally playing it 24/7.  But there is no greater blessing than to hear music of this season that is directed at the REASON for the Season, that being Jesus Christ!

For the next few weeks, I hope to provide you with a depth of worship aimed at celebrating the birth of our Savior, and to that end provide you with the tools to surround you and your workspace or vehicle with a ministry in audio…  Music that Celebrates the birth of JESUS.

Join me as Dave Berland, The Signature Quartet, Higher Ground, Lori Bianco, Mark Steven Smith, and many others REJOICE in the remembrance of the most wonderful night EVER!

Feel free to download this episode to CD:  Play in your office, in your car, at your next holiday gathering… LET THE WHOLE WORLD KNOW that Jesus STILL is the reason for this season, and none of the commercialization or attacks of satan are ever going to conquer that!

One thought on “Gospel Music Roundup: The Season Opener!

  1. What a wonderful Christmas pod cast and what a way to start the season. Awesome – what a gift of music and word. Thanks Tom and for all who were a part.