Graduation Day For Art Collard: You will be missed!

Another dear friend and anchor of the faith got his walking papers this morning. His earthly mission finished, he has been called back to the arms of Christ! His name? Art Collard.Art Collard

Art was one of the most amazing men I have ever met. He never spoke very loud, in the time I have known him, but when he DID speak, you’d best listen, because if you didn’t you’d miss some powerful wit or deep wisdom.

Never once, when I would step up to him after Church or stop by his home, would I feel like I was interrupting anything or keeping him from something he’d rather be doing. Art had a decisive way about him that may have, at times, exhibited itself as stubbornness, but truth be told, it just meant that he had already thought the subject through and had made up his mind.

Even in his later years, I would see Art and his wife, Margaret, out in the garden. Weeding, tilling, planting and harvesting was the work they did together year after year for most of their lives. Outside of that garden, they continued to till, to plant and to harvest, but then for the Kingdom of God.

I loved Art, but I’m not sure he knew it. Funny, how we can say something of how we feel about someone when they have gone away, but are hesitant to say those things to their faces, but I do… I love Art, and his presence on earth is going to be missed. I can only hope he is up there, advisin’ the Lord on the behalf of all his friends and family he left behind.

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