Gospel Music Roundup: Happy 2009!

Yes, I know I’m a tad late in wishing you all a blessed and fruitful New Year!

But, had I done so on the first of the year, it might have gotten lost in the hooplah, right?  And this way, I can be more personal about it.

Unfortunately, I fall victim to the human condition way too many times.  I allow every other distraction to get in the way of my sitting down and recording these.  It’s not that I don’t want to, but rather that I want everything to be “just right.”   I need quiet, and there hasn’t been much, what with winds and storms and animals kept indoors.  I have also been plagued with a few health issues and even more HOUSE issues, such as frozen  pipes, roof sections blowing away, and other things.  This relates so much to one of the songs in today’s podcast, called “Leavin’ on my mind” by the Victorymen.He met me where I was, Took me as I am, and made me who He wants me to BE!

The more I deal with the problems of this aging house and aging body, the need for solid maintenance schedules becomes glaringly obvious.  Heat Tape, used to protect pipes from freezing in the winter, generally lasts only 3-4 years.  One would think that one would replace said tape while the weather outside was temperate about every 3 years, just to be on the safe side.  But no, I had to try to eek that last year out of it, and am now forced to deal with a situation where I cannot replace it safely for want of having to leave it exposed to the elements while I work on it.  This would mean the pipe freezing while I worked, which is not good.

I say all this, because as I said before, our spiritual “House”, or where the Lord resides in our heart, is also something we should maintain on a regular basis.  Digging into the word, replacing the problems of our days with his amazing grace, is something we need to be constant and diligent about.  I love to lay my problems at the foot of the cross every night when I go to bed, knowing that God through Christ will take care of them, and some mornings I even forget to try to pick them up again!  (There is no need to pick them up, for if we truly lay them down and ask Him to take them, then TRUST requires that we leave them there)

This episode also marks 6 years of Gospel Music Roundup as a Podcast!  What a wonderful thought!  Praising God in song and hymn and spiritual songs with wonderful friends, like Dave Berland, the Victorymen, The Missourians, Signature Quartet, The Barkley Family, Canaans Road, The Dotson Family, and so many others…


I have recently been asked to join “The Victorymen” and am currently singing and practicing with them as their Bass singer!  This edition includes a few songs that I sing along with them on, and also includes some songs made by the Victorymen a few years earlier, when they were a trio.  You’re going to hear Rogers Littlefield, Rocky Biggers, Randall and Myself, of course, but you will also hear songs that include Cherie Riley and Shawn Riley as well as some that include Nate Davis on lead!

This is going to be a wonderful, busy  and exciting year for Gospel Music, and I hope you come along for our small part of it here, on Gospel Music Roundup!

In Christ,

Tom Whiteman


One thought on “Gospel Music Roundup: Happy 2009!

  1. WOW!!!
    6 years of Gospel Music Roundup
    What a way to start the new year
    Great work Tom as always – Keep on lifting the Name of Jesus
    Cause – You gotta love it when His name is praised