Gospel Music Roundup: In His Presence!

What an amazing feeling it is to be in the presence of the Lord!Yielding to the spirit, leaving the pew and giving our hearts to God

No, I may not be a current resident of the heavenly places, but I do know my mansion is waiting there, and all of heaven rejoices every time someone joins the family.  I have had the chance to witness a few such events, recently.

As some of you know, I recently joined a Gospel Quartet called “The Victorymen” as a Bass singer.  We typically sing in 2-3 churches in a weekend.  It is a true JOY for me, as I have had a desire to do this very thing for most of my life.  It is also a joy as I get to watch faces light up over some of the songs we sing.  But the biggest joy I get is when we see someone come down the aisle and give their hearts and their lives to Jesus!

We didn’t cause these events;  In most cases, these were people who had been clutching the pew ahead of them for many services before we ever came along, nervous to “Take the walk”,  We were just in the right place at the right time, and the spirit of the Lord moved in a big way on the hearts of these people to LET GO of the pew and tell the world they are ready to give their life over!

Losing some of our fears and worries that life brings our way involves a very similar process for many people;  We fear giving them over to God wholly would take our control away, and some even feel that would be irresponsible.  Nothing can be further from the truth, though;  As long as we cling to our problems and fail to yield them up to God, we are essentially forbidding God to work on them.  For Him to give us the desires of our hearts, we must fully trust Him, and hanging on to our fears and doubts (as much as most people hate to think so) is a sign to God that you don’t yet trust Him.

Faith In Christ from hearing the Gospel in word and in song builds our relationship with HimIt’s funny to think that we can stick a plug into a wall, push a button and expect something to happen.  We have more faith in the electric company than we do in God, and when you stop to think about it, can be offensive to God, who is always faithful.

His power is awesome;  His abilities are endless and His wisdom surpasses anything known to man.  His word has outlived generation upon generation and a myriad of social structures, yet we hesitate to TRUST.

When we finally give our hearts and our lives to Him, we begin the process of developing a living, growing relationship with Him that is constantly evolving and moving to higher levels. Each level is designed to bring us to complete reliance on Him through knowledge gained by the reading of His word and the Experiences gained in weathering  our trials.

I still battle with trust issues;  I was always able to do so much until I slowly began to lose those abilities.  Then and only then did I really begin to learn that I had really been trusting myself and using God as my “safety net” to bail me out when things got too hairy.

God has us here on earth to prepare for our eternal relationship with Him in heaven.  One day, once we reach that point of fully trusting, we will be ready to join the throngs in Heaven who rejoice when someone NEW “walks the aisle”!

In this edition of Gospel Music Roundup, I have songs for you by the Victorymen, Canaan Bound, The Signature Quartet, The Missourians, Blessed Assurance Ministries, The Burneys, Chosen Few, Dave Berland, Dan Atkins, The Barkley Family, The Dotson Family Quartet, and as always, SO MUCH MORE!

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