GMR Co-Hosts Make Mine Southern Part 1

Recently I had the grand opportunity to sit in with Bob Durham of the Missourians, as he hosted his weekly Radio Show, “Make Mine Southern” Aired on KKOW, Pittburg KS on sunday mornings.Bob Durham, Missourians Pianist

Bob Durham started with The Missourians in April, 1989, as their Pianist.
I’ve always really enjoyed ALL the songs the Missourians have ever sung, and have never gotten tired of any of them. Probably the song I enjoy the most right now is “Long As I Got King Jesus.” It has an infectious energy and I can’t sit still when playing it. Anything is truly OK as long as I got King Jesus!

How did Bob come to The Missourians?
Bob says, “They started singing in November, 1988 and used soundtracks. I knew Charlie (Burnett) and Jareld (Burnside) after having heard them sing many years with the Calvarymen, and I knew Richard (Crow), because of being with him several years in the Regents. They asked me to play with them, but I could only do it part time at first because of a lot of schedule conflicts. They started scheduling more so I could come and play, and I never even officially became full-time! So you see—I’m still just filling in until they can find someone!”

Bob’s past Singing History is as follows:
The Good News Quartet: 1976-1978; (I started with them when I was in 8th grade)
The Regents Quartet: 1978-1983;
The Albert E. Brumley Singers: 1983-1985;
The Missourians: 1989-present.

I asked Bob the most interesting thing about him.  His reply, “ I’ve never had a boss! I don’t count the time I was working for Dad on the farm, because I was getting “room and board.”   I have over 100 piano students that I teach each week; I taught part-time throughout college and I’ve been full-time since June, 1988. My job is music, and my hobbies are music!   Southern Gospel is my favorite, but I also enjoy Classical, Jazz, and Christmas music.   My most intense “other” hobby is the Dallas Cowboys! I go to a game every year in Dallas and see all the other games on satellite TV.”

In honor of Bob’s 20 years with The Missourians, I thought it only fair to share this as  episode 1 of a 2-part series, with all of you, as this edition of Gospel Music Roundup!

Be sure to catch Bob Durham on Heirwave Internet Radio!

Make Mine Southern

Make Mine Southern is a weekly variety program featuring the ministries of regional artists in the tri-state area near Joplin, Missouri area. the program has aired for many years on AM 880, KKOW in Pittsburgh, Kansas. The host group for the program is Heir Wave Internet Radio Featured Ministry, The Missourians Other groups featured on “Make Mine Southern” are the Crusaders For Christ and Soloist Jim Setser.


Mondays: 8PM Eastern
Saturdays: 6PM Eastern

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