GMR Warm-up to Worship!

Let the warmth of His love, His radiance, fill your heart!

As of the recording of this podcast, it’s 3 below zero in the Ozarks.  The early morning sky is ablaze in the glory of the Lord in a picture only He can paint, and I can only stand amazed in His presence.

Leading up to this moment has been an honor for me-  to get acquainted with so many talented people and share the fruit of their efforts in the name of the Lord with whosoever will listen!  It’s a new day, a new year, a new DECADE.  To the world, it may not seem any different than any other, but He holds the power to make all things new, and he HAS.

Today’s songs blessed me beyond belief.  The words of the Lord always bring me such peace, but today it seemed like an extra measure, and a great dose of heart-warming thrown in as well!

Relax and listen to the sounds of these artists, praising His name in song!

Mark Cable
Signature Quartet
The Burneys
Dave Berland
Jacki Wheeler
The Missourians
Colonial City Quartet
Canaan’s Road Gospel Group
Canaan Bound
Mary alice Vanderwater
Blessed Assurance Ministries

If a song blesses you, please let the singers know.  Your feedback is the only way they have to measure the value of the work that the Lord has placed for them to do.  Better yet, support them, by purchasing a CD or offering a donation.

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