Light My Fuse, Jesus!!!

Light my Fuse, Jesus!

I LOVE FIREWORKS!!! Especially Mortars and Skyrockets! There is a quiet reassurance in the aftermath, that we are not bound by these earthly containments, and that once we break free, we will shine with a brilliance never before seen, leaving only our earthly hulls behind while our entrance to heaven lights up the sky!

This weekend is the Fourth of July, 2010.  It’s been awhile, since the last podcast,  due to technical issues and the shaping of a heart, here in my own self.

It’s not about me, though; it’s about the Lord, and the love he has for us.  This weekend I would like to share with you some shows from my good friend Bob Durahm, of Gospel Music’s own “Make Mine Southern”, an awesome show available each and every week on KKOW 860 AM from 6:00am to 8:00am (CST) and at Heirwave Internet Radio on Saturdays from 5:00pm to 7:00pm (CST). It features the latest releases from today’s Hottest Southern Gospel acts as well as local and regional artists.

In THESE shows, however, Bob and friends pay tribute to this great land of ours, and this Holiday, Independence day!

Remember, there are four shows in all, so be sure to follow along and listen to each one!

In the service, of the King,

Tom Whiteman

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