Gospel Music Roundup America

I have said it before, and it bears repeating:

There are those who would change us, and actively try to do so.

But even if they were to crash into all of our buildings, tear down every monument, burn every flag, come from every land and try to take over our government and label us with every derogatory term imaginable, the interminable spirit of America, ONE nation, under GOD, will never die.

God Bless America, my home sweet home!

A few of those responsible for the FIREWORKS in this episode:

Dave Berland, with 2 songs!

Roy Harris

Martin Adams

The Burneys

Dan Adkins

David James


Rick Brady

Kathy Wedvick

The Crownsmen

Still Waters

70 x 7

Canaan’s Road

A Circle of Friends

“Legs” Lawrenzi

Also, thanks to these fine gentlemen for their great quotes:

– George Washington

–Thomas Jefferson

– Benjamin Franklin

– Patrick Henry

– Abraham Lincoln

– Andrew Johnson

– Franklin Roosevelt

– Ronald Reagan

And above all else, Thanks Be To God, for the opportunity he has granted me to be in the shelter of his wings and the forgiveness he gives me through the blood of Jesus Christ! To Him be the Glory, Forever!!!

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