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Prayers for rebuilding Joplin's homes and hearts

It has now been 7 weeks since a Tornado ripped through Joplin, changing the lives of people all across the country.  No, Joplin is not back to “Normal;”  If you consider “normal” to be anything like it was before the devastation, it never will be.  We are not back to normal, but we are back to work.
Back to work rebuilding our own lives and the lives of our friends and neighbors.  Back to work making plans to rebuild.  But most of all, back to work showing the Love of God through actions towards our fellow man.
Those of us who know Christ know the hand of protection that was on the great majority of us all.  Yes, there have been losses, and tears come to my eyes when I think of those whom I will never see again nor have the chance to share the wonders of God with them, but what is amazing is to see the people who have diligently worked on into this summer with its blazing heat and humidity.
If God has placed it on your heart to help, by all means contact me and I will connect you with a church or organization that can use what you have to offer!



In This Episode:

Instruments of Faith                       Land of the free
Blessed Assurance Ministries    He Whispers Sweet Peace
Eric Gordon                                           In Eternity
Eric Gordon                                           Sunday Mornin’ Sun
Eric Gordon                                           Power in Prayer
Canaan Bound                                   Flowers Will Bloom
Colonial City Quartet                     I’m Not Givin’ Up
Faith Of Joplin                                    Rainbow
Golden State Quartet                     I Remember The Time
Jeff Buckles                                          There’s A Blessing Coming Down
Mark Stephen Smith                     Things Are Gonna Change For Me
Mary Alice Vanderwater          It’s Just So Beautiful Here
Canaan’s Road                                 We Will Rise
Dan Adkins                                        Wounded Healer
Dotson Family Quartet            Heaven Is a Beautiful Place
Mark High                                           How Long Has It Been
Of One Accord                                  Call To Jesus
Pure Heart                                          He Delivered Me
Rebecca J Huseby                         Alright
The Williamsons                             Keep Movin’ On

The Williamsons

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