Welcome Back

The blessings of the Saints are what keep us going!In case you haven’t noticed, Gospel Music Roundup hasn’t had any current podcasts for the last couple of months, now.

The problem was a financial one.  There are fees that we pay, in order to be able to play much of our song library, and those fees went up dramatically this year.  Enough that I had to negotiate a way to keep the current podcasts on the ‘air’ and promise not to make more until they were paid.  Nasty people, but our kingdom is not made up of them.

Thanks to God working in some mighty ways, we are back in motion, and this podcast is a great one to start the year out.  You see, I got to thinking;  Just how many people out there are going through similar stresses and worries in the promises they make to the Lord for Ministry.

Whether it’s your pastor, the director of the food bank, Crisis Counselors, or the local Christian radio station, there are a great number of people at work to minister to whomever needs it;  willing servants of His love and by His grace!  Some of us are even too ‘self-sufficient’ (read that, “Proud”)  to ask for help when it’s needed.  Yet time and again, people have told me not to deny the grace and their blessing of the Lord.

I mean, How can you expect God to bless the work of your hands when your hands are not doing the work He’s given you to do?

For those of you who have waited for this new podcast, thank you.  for those of you who have never been here before, WELCOME!  As far as it is in my power, this problem should not arise again, as I do not want to be caught unaware twice!  Praise God, though;  The increase in fees was because the audience has increased sufficiently through the sharing of streaming media.

Now click the “PLAY” button and get ready for some of the best in Southern Gospel, Bluegrass Gospel and Western Gospel from independent artists,  right here,  on Gospel Music Roundup!

In This Episode:

Mark Cable– Empty Pockets
Eric Gordon– I believe
A Circle of Friends – Soul Winner
Benjamin Morelock – Shoutin’ Time In Heaven
Bryan Langley– Without The Cross
Chosen FewCome Sit At His Feet Again
Golden State Quartet– It Is Well With My Soul
The Barkley Family – Somewhere There’s a Valley
Signature Quartet– Never Been This Homesick Before
The Revelators– He’s Forgiven
Wil Maring– Land of Beulah
Lottie Collier– Dirt Road Turns to Gold

…And of course, so much more!


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