Goodbye, Earl, Goodbye

Goodbye, Earl, Goodbye!This week, in tribute to a great man of the banjo and a friend of the faith, we say goodbye to Earl Scruggs.

Life passes through a series of stages; You go from Growin, to Grown, to groan, to growin’ old…
If you try to skip any of the above, you will be required to go back and repeat it.
Some folks try to stay in stage one, some try to head straight for stage 4; but as with any stage, your acts define when it is over.

Earl Scruggs decided to stay in the “Growin'” stage, ever growin’ ON the stage.  His life consisted of his music, always trying to bring Banjo into every genre.

We will not attempt to make a biography nor an anthology, here, just a salute to the man and his instrument, showcasing some of the people who try to emulate the man.

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