Thanks, Mom!

This Mother’s Day Edition of Gospel Music Roundup is in direct appreciation for Mom.


Always there when we fall

Ready to pick us up or steer us clear of trouble.

They feed us, clothe us, protect us,

They feel our pain when we hurt,

and always seem to know what’s best for us.

Mothers are ALWAYS RIGHT:


Even if you disagree, you know they are.


I recall in the Film, “The passion of the Christ” the scene where the young Jesus trips and falls And it was Mama who came running to hold him.

More power than ten thousand angels…

More love than mere man can fathom.

Our comforter when we sorrow,

our nurse when we are injured

Our protector when the world comes against us.

And finally, at that dreadful moment when they must LEAVE us, their concerns are not for themselves, but for the ones they leave behind.


Emissaries of our Lord,

Our Savior and our King.

Used mightily of Him,

Yet seem to be so successfully clandestine that we never fully realize how much they are there, until they aren’t there anymore.

Take the time to hug your Mama today, even if it’s just over the phone.

If she has gone on ahead of you, take the necessary steps to ensure you see her again on the other side.

It’s what she would have wanted,

And you know, she’s always right!


In this edition of Gospel Music Roundup:



Dave BerlandMother's day gospel music to the praise of our lord

Dale Harper

David James

Jason Elkins

Mark High

Blackshear Bluegrass Gospel

BK Minor

Dotson Family Quartet

Rusty Blake

Mary Alice Vanderwater

Kathy Wedvik

The Crownsmen

The Benge Family

And of course,

so much more…


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