The Anchor Holds

The Anchor Holds with APRIL HUMPHREY,  BRIAN & LISA SEXTON1 John 3:2
Beloved, now we are children of God, and it has not appeared as yet what we will be. We know that when He appears, we will be like Him, because we will see Him just as He is.
What an amazing and powerful verse! We, the children of God, we don’t see quite yet just what he is making of us, creating us to be, and yet we have the blessed assurance upon the return of Jesus, we will be as He is, pure and holy, right and true. We are going to have the high honor of seeing Him, face to face, glory to glory, in the presence of His holiness. In the meantime, He is crafting us to be as He is, and step by step we gain a closer vision of his magnifigance!
Welcome to Gospel Music Roundup! I am Tom Whiteman, your host for the next hour, featuring independent Southern Gospel, Western Gospel Bluegrass Gospel and so much more that honors and praises our lord and king in word, song, and deed~ These artists are independent artists and musicians, but only in the sense that they choose to serve God first, Praise Him any way they know how, and minister with their craft unabashed!
This week, I found a group that I would love for you to hear, out of Knoxville, TN; The ANCHOR-HOLDS, with APRIL HUMPHREY, BRIAN Sexton & LISA SEXTON. This trio’s mission is to tell the lost that Jesus is real and alive and God sent his son (Jesus) that whosoever would call upon his name could be saved. Their songs are crafted that thru them, they may be a blessing to God’s people and to see the lost saved.

I love this, from their website:
The Anchor Holds

When we are lonely, The Anchor Holds

When the Job is gone, The Anchor Holds

When our friends are gone, The Anchor Holds

When our business folds, The Anchor Holds

When the cabinets are bare, The Anchor Holds

When the paycheck ain’t there, The Anchor Holds

When the mail doesn’t come, The Anchor Holds

When the phone doesn’t ring, The Anchor Holds

When the children don’t visit, The Anchor Holds

When our loved one turns away, The Anchor Holds

When the doctor says it’s hopeless, The Anchor Holds

When I have to bid good-bye from this existence, The Anchor Holds

Glory to our never-failing, unchanging God, The Anchor

Do you know what happens, when the Anchor Holds? We don’t drift or stray, we have that confidence in God, through Christ Jesus

In This Episode:

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