Gospel Music Roundup: The Christmas Roundup II

WOW…  I am so excited about God’s Gift to mankind, Himself come to earth in the Baby Jesus!

To think of the buzz going on in Heaven prior to this Glorious Night:  The majesty of the angelic celebration over the birth of our newborn KING!  This was the Promised One, the Salvation of Man come to earth,  yet he entered quietly in the equivalent of a barn, a stable… Glory to God in the Highest, Peace on earth to men of Good Will Yet even in his quiet surroundings, the angels burst out rejoicing!  Knowing what they knew, I’m sure I would have done the same.

My prayer for you, is that in this season of parties and get-togethers, concerts and fanfare, that you are able to take the message of the songs in this podcast to heart, and imagine what life before Christ was like;  The anticipation of eons, culminating in the miraculous birth of our KING, who would a short lifetime later lay down his life as a sacrifice for all men…  He first gave up his seat of Glory to live among men, then laid down his earthly life, that we might have that chance at eternal life with Him, back in Glory!

The songs for this podcast once again just flowed with the spirit, and I was so blessed just playing the songs, listening to audio celebration and having the chance to share it with you, it was a double-blessing!

Thanks so much to The Missourians, Dave Berland, The Boatrights, Homeward Bound, Signature Quartet, Steel City Quartet, John Lawrenzi, Belinda Gail, Pure Heart, and so many other willing servants who have contributed their time and talents to singing the praises of our Lord, the reason for the seasons, Jesus Christ!