Faith Comes To Risen Ranch

Faith Comes To Risen Ranch Cowboy Church on Gospel Music RoundupThis is a special edition of Gospel Music Roundup!
Today, we’re going to listen in on a concert at Risen Ranch Cowboy Church, in Joplin Missouri, where that awesome trio, FAITH, out of Joplin Missouri, led us into worshipping our Lord and King!
With an amazing songset that contained mostly original songs penned by the girls, themselves, those that attended were brought into the presence of our Master and filled with the Holy Spirit.
Amy Carver, Ivy Ortman and Rachel Worthington put on a wonderful event, bringing us, musically, into their very lives with inspired lyrics, touching testimonies, and even got their kids into the act in three of the songs.
Faith of Joplin's Newest CD, "A Little Bit Of Faith."  Check it out at!Faith has just put out a brand new CD, their third, entitled,”A little Bit Of Faith.” if you would like to find out more, just visit their website at There you will be able to listen, purchase and even download their music. While you are there, be sure to check out their photos and biography.
For now, though, sit back, relax (if you can) and ENJOY the music from FAITH, right here, on Gospel Music Roundup!